Shop Gethighword is a cannabis marketplace and company that provides safe, legal access via on-demand delivery to adults across

Trust + Safety

Eaze educates consumers about cannabis products and sensible use while ensuring safe, dependable delivery. Shop

Prior to placing an order on Eaze’s platform, customers are required to provide valid proof of ID, then orders are routed to one of Eaze’s local, licensed retail partners. Eaze works exclusively with licensed, compliant brands and retail partners. All deliveries are made by background-checked employees of our Stachs subsidiary and retail partners. Who verify the customer’s ID for a second time during delivery. Delivery drivers follow all CDC guidelines for Covid safety.

we have a Code of Conduct to help ensure good experiences for customers, partners, and drivers.Every day, we work to embody the values of increasing access, supporting patients, and addressing harm caused by the War on Drugs. Learn more about our:

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